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The Chick: As the name suggests this is our young and contemporary model, produced using 304-grade Stainless Steel. In a very short period of time, Chick has won over many hearts.

The entire structure of this table is made from 304 SS. The Outer Rails are 5” and runs all across the table. The Inner rails are also made from the same grade bent section of Stainless Steel to give strength to the otherwise fragile and smart looking frame.

The bed of the table sits comfortably on the Inner protrusions that are especially put in place to take the weight of the Bed as well as the Cushion Rails. The entire bed is one piece, so it gives a lot of conveniences to install the table. The Bed is bolted to the Frame at 18 points.

The entire Frame sits on four designer legs again produced from 304 Grade Stainless Steel. The legs are also equipped with Stainless Steel toe adjusters for easy adjustments.

There are many options for the Cushion rail Tops: Like Timber, Leather or Stone. This table can be customized to any extent. Using the most stylish material for the Cushion Rails.

The frame and the legs are coated with NO.8 Finnish, which gives the table the shine that makes it class apart.

We have many other Stainless Steel Variants that can be used for the Frame and the legs, such as,
Designer Stainless Steel Sheets
PVD (Colored Stainless Sheets)
Coated Sheets.

The options are endless; our design team will be delighted to share all the options with you.

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