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Belle Maple

The Belle Maple

This is one our hottest selling Pool Table Model, for Home Use. Belle has earned many fans ever since it’s launched.

Comes is 9’x 41/2’ and 8’ x 4’ Size

The Cushion Rails and are made from the best Hardwood available in the market. The Top of the rail is bolted to the bed, in a typically American way with the insert nuts. The Solid Brass Pocket Plates are inserted deep into the rails for a sturdy Cushion Pocket alignment. The Cushion Rails are 4” Wide and made from 2” section.

The Frame Rails are made from the best available timber and are joined at the corner, with Mortice Joints. The Inner rails are also produced from the same timber and are joined at the middle of the Outer rails to give the Table a strong and a sturdy structure. The frame is the most important part of the table in terms of Stability and hence all the hard and smart work goes into making it solid.

Four Beautifully Hand Carved legs are shaped out of Solid Timber Blocks to give the elegant look to this beautiful Pool Table. Each Leg is tested for is correct alignment, by making it stand individually without any support. Once the alignment is checked then the legs are bolted to the solid frame.

Many Options are available for the pockets: Snooker Rail, English Bag, Crotia Bag or the leather.

The The table is polished with PU/Mellamine of customers’ choice and then is covered with Fine Imported Pool Cloth, which is available in various colors and quality. The rubbers used for this table are also imported. This is a very beautiful home table, with a feel of a professional pool table. No wonder it is the hottest Selling Table.

It usually takes about 20-25 days to produce this masterpiece, however, it depends on a lot of factors. We can customize this table as per the customer’s requirement.

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