Pool Tables

10 M


This is a very beautiful table produced using Timber and Stainless Steel.This fusion model of Wood and Steel is one of the most talked about the table in the market.

The Top of this table is made from Wood; The Cushion Rails sit on the bed and are bolted to it. This bottom, including the under the frame and the frame, are made using Steel. The weight is evenly divided on the frame to give a sturdy product.

The legs are laser cut and then welded together to produce the most exquisite design. Each leg is then polished to satin finish to give the elegant look.

This table is a mixture Wood, MS and Stainless Steel. We at Billiardiers, work hard with many different products to bring the best Pool Tables to the market.

The tables are crafted at our factory, by our own team. And hence we have masterpieces to offer.

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