Billiard Table

Old Rose

Old Rose

This is The Old Rose, One of the most beautiful Billiard Tables that you’ll come across. This is more popularly known as the “Tulip” in the English Market. This magnificent design can be seen in all the countries and is all time favorite of many Billiard Lovers. The beautiful Leg is hand carved to give the Tulip Shape. It reminds us of the English taste and era. This is a true English pattern and design. This table is an absolute eye catcher. Made with the same delicacy as one would give to Tulip. This table is pure beauty and it will give an abundance of elegance to any room it is kept in. Many High-End Clubs and Hotels have this beauty installed on their property to enhance their elegance. This is one of the most loved designs of all times. Many Variants have come up to this, which again is as elegant as the original one.

Key Features:

  • Hand and Machine Made:
  • Strict inspection teams make sure that all the parts are of the highest quality and finesse before they become the part of this Magnificent Masterpiece.

  • All the metal used is solid Brass, casted as per the same English standards.

  • Finest Leather used for the Pockets.

  • Finest slate bed, Hand Floated, with insert nuts.

  • Cushion Rails made out of 4 pieces as the English Standard Procedure.

  • All nuts and bolts Zinc Plated to prevent any rusting.

  • Best quality English Snooker Cloth, from Strachan West of England and Hainsworth UK.

  • The entire accessories supplied with this masterpiece are produced keeping in mind the taste of the customers who picked the Old Rose.

  • Hand polished with 3 layers of Melamine coating to make it look like an Old Rose.

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