Billiard Table

Billiard Table

Billiard Table

This is The MONARCH, This Table falls under the category of 10 best Billiard Tables Produced. An extra ordinary combination between seasoned craftsmen and the masterpiece. The MONARCH is a Solid Hard Wood Table, Crafted by the hands of the finest Craftsmen, who have been working with us for generations. This masterpiece is produced with the finest of material sourced from around the world. Not just the frame but the under frame is also as heavy as the outer one. It comes with a double bolt, joinery mechanism to hold the super solid structure of the Monarch. The Solid 12\\\" Legs are supported by equally strong Upper Leg Support which is drilled to accommodate double bolt system and to Hold the heavy weight of the Rails which are made out of 3 \\\"section of timber. Each part of the table is hand carved. The high-quality pure leather is used to cover the solid Brass pocket plates that invisibly hold the Cushions tight to the structure. The Finest Rubber Cushions are glued to the especially used soft wood to give the strongest rebounds. The Cushions Rails are made in the same traditional style, as any old English table made in the last century.
The Slates are hand floated and drilled to the highest level of precision to give a smooth leveled playing surface. The timber used to construct this masterpiece is handpicked to give a pure Straight grained look to this magnificent masterpiece. Each and every piece of Monarch is inspected many times before it becomes a part of it. This meticulous procedure gives this “King” the respect it deserves.

Key Features:

  • Hand Made: The finest craftsmen working with us from generations make the entire masterpiece.

  • Strict inspection teams make sure that all the parts are of the highest quality and finesse before they become the part of this Magnificent Masterpiece.

  • All the metal used is solid Brass, casted as per the same English standards.

  • Finest Leather used for the Pockets.

  • Finest slate bed, Hand Floated, with insert nuts.

  • Cushion Rails made out of 4 pieces as the English Standard Procedure.

  • All nuts and bolts Zinc Plated to prevent any rusting.

  • Best quality English Snooker Cloth, from Strachan West of England and Hainsworth UK.

  • The entire accessories supplied with this masterpiece are produced with the same precision as the masterpiece it self.

  • Hand polished with 4 layers of Polyurethane coating to give the special luster.

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