Billiard Table Cloth

Billiard Table Cloth

The most important feature in any Billiard or Pool table is the Cloth or the felt that is used for covering the slate Bed. There are many varieties of Cloths available, but you must know the difference to pick the best one for your Pool or Billiard Table. We stock cloth from many mills from around the world. The entire game of Billiard and Pool depends on this important piece and therefore should be picked with utmost care. Some clothes are high speed some are more durable and then there are fine ones and pure wool ones also.

The Billiard/Pool Cloth is produced basically be two types of processes: Worsted and Woolen, Both processes produce very different type of clothes.

The two big names in the cloth Industry are Hainsworth and Strachan, both in the UK.

Hainsworth Mill UK with 225 years of tradition, This Mill produces the one of the finest Billiard Fabric.

Starchan Made from the finest Merino wools, the Strachan brand offers players exceptional performance, with a superior nap that provides unrivaled positional ball control and speed. This is the Most Popular cloth in the Billiard Market.

Worsted Cloth: This Cloth is often known as the Speed Cloth, manufactured from Sheep wool. It doesn’t have any nap and therefore results in faster play. A few Worsted Clothes have a mixture of Wool and Nylon too. Most of the American Pool Tables comes with Worsted Cloth.

Woollen Cloth: This is a Cloth has “Directional Nap” and hence is slow in comparison to the Worsted. Nap is the Velvety texture, and finger marks are visible on this cloth during play. Needs regular brushing and Ironing.


That totally depends on the Usage of the table. However, the woolen clothes are more durable than the other. The higher the Wool Content, the more durable the cloth.

The weight of the Cloth is another measure. Usually given in a Ounces per yard figure. Available from 26Oz to 32 oz. Heavier clothes usually last longer but will play slow.

Proper care of the Cloth is most important. As a minimum, the table should be brushed regularly and it is highly recommended after every session so that the dust and chalk does not settle in.

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