Billiard Stick

Billiard Stick

Cue is the most important equipment for any player. A cue otherwise is a simple piece of wood with a leather tip to hit the ball. But you’ll be surprised to know the technicalities that go into the manufacturing of this equipment.

There are many companies manufacturing Billiard cues, the best ones are based out of England UK.

The most popular timbers that are used for the manufacturing are: White Ash, and Maple.

Most of the Players use Ash Wood Cues, Ash is a straight and heavy grained timber and hence makes it easy for the player to use the cue from the same angle for every shot. On the other hand Maple is clearer.

Cue is usually heavy at the bottom, so either a heavy timber is used to make the base (butt) of the cue such as Mahogany or it is loaded with Lead to give the desired weight to the cue.

Cues are made in different weights starting at 16 Ounce and above. And also in different tips sizes starting from 9mm and going up till 14mm, depending on the game you choose.

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